Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thick Skin and Bad Reviews

Bad Reviews

Authors are supposed to have a thick skin in order to survive. First, there's the loneliness and tedium of writing draft after draft, figuring out what to write. That's followed by years of rejections. Finally, if a writer is lucky, comes the thrill of publication. And after that, the horror of bad reviews.

I don't have thick skin. When somebody hates what I write, it hurts.

My One has gotten plenty of unfavorable reviews (good ones, too). Some readers are revolted by Briony's exploration of S & M. A handful of reviewers are even indignant, as if I've tricked them, promising one thing and delivering another. I'm not sympathetic. My One is pretty clearly labeled as BDSM fiction. What do readers think the SM in BDSM stands for? Soft and Mild?

On a happy note, there's a "Books with the Hottest Sex!" list on goodreads (a social book cataloging site). My One is on the list!

My book may be revolting, but it's also sexy. So neener, neener, mean reviewers.


Redbook, the venerable women's magazine, has gone kink. The July 2010 print issue offers articles titled "28 Hot Little Sex Life Ideas" and "Sexy Movie Night". Among the suggestions to heat things up in the bedroom: read literotica (a free erotic fiction website) as a couple, and watch the "S & M" movie Secretary.

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