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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Guest Post by Verity Ant, Author of Master's Hunt

Dominance: Kevin versus Christian

Guest post by Verity Ant

Before I get started, I want to offer my thanks for having me here today. I applaud January for sharing a different kind of romance with her readers. Thank you, January.

Fictional heroes in erotic romance novels have a lot in common. For this article, I'd like to briefly compare and contrast two fictional heroes who are popular right now: Kevin, from Master's Hunt (Verity Ant) and Christian Grey, from Fifty Shades of Grey (E L James). They're both smart, successful, respected, physically fit and able to defend themselves, and are more than a little pleasing to the eye. But are they both Dominant, as they are purported to be?

Christian says clearly in the first book of the trilogy, "I'm a Dominant." But is he? He is a controlling person, without a doubt, but his dominance fades away over the course of the trilogy, until he's giving in to Ana's every whim. He loses control of a 22 year old woman who has virtually no relationship experience. How Dominant is that?

In Master's Hunt, Kevin's relationships have all been based on Dominance and submission. We have the sense that this is so much a part of him that nothing else would satisfy him. Dominance an ingrained part of his nature. A woman who seeks to change him, as Ana does to Christian, would be rejected by Kevin out of hand. He never has to say he's a Dominant, he shows it instead. He does not apologize for his strength of character. Kevin is a natural dominant, not a vanilla or submissive guy who's posing in order to build up his ego.

I could go on and on about these two, showing their contrasts, and Kevin's honesty and consistency would show him to be the stable and responsible character he is. He's not perfect--who is?--but he isn't wishy washy either. When I look at these characters, at the contrasts and similarities, I much prefer Kevin. A strong man who knows what he wants and doesn't allow an immature and demanding female take over his life is a lot more appealing to me.

You can meet Kevin and his two submissive women, Renee and Amiko, in Master's Hunt, my recently released novel. Get it at No Boundaries Press, where they have all the formats for you to choose from.

Master's Hunt Book Trailer

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mainstreaming BDSM

My local grocery store offers Fifty Shades plus snacks.