Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Erotica Audio Books

There's a new advertisement on TV. A pleasant fellow in a striped shirt says he listens to business books on his morning commute to stay ahead of the game. Because Management Skills is available as a download from, I have to wonder if any business person has accidentally downloaded it.

I recently bought the Management Skills audiobook, curious. I'd never listened to a "book on tape" before. It turns out my novella is more than 3 hours long!

The audiobook narrator, Montana Chase, has a wonderful voice. Low and rich. She reads this BDSM novella extremely slowly, savoring every word. She says things like, "He jerked up her robe, exposing her lovely, rounded ass." She says this sentence oh, so slowly. She does not crack up, like I would. It's bizarre to hear an erotic phrase you once wrote being said out loud. I mean, the words actually echo in the air--you can't get away from the intimacy!

An customer posted this review of Management Skills:
when you think of bdsm you think very hot and steamy. this is vanilla. book spent more time talking about the lighting for the clients then it did about them. too much filler and not enough steam.

I'd be crazy to argue with anyone about what is or isn't vanilla. But the "filler" comment is interesting. (I would call it plot, but that's just me.) Do you suppose erotic romance book listeners have a different expectation of the sex/plot ratio than readers?


  1. I've only listened to one audiobook all the way through and it was a business book on my commute, like the guy, I guess. I tried a chick lit one and a Mary Balogh one but couldn't do it (the Mary Balogh one had a nice British accent though). I already know I could never listen to erotica that way, like you said, way too intimate. Besides, it's hard for me to come up with imagery when I'm listening that way (particularly driving) but comes naturally when alone and reading.

    As to the amount of filler, that is a tough one. Erotica/romance books really vary so widely. Sometimes I will read a straight "romance" that has more sex than "erotica" and often I find erotica that is ABOUT sex (discusses it, thinks about it, etc) but not necessarily has a lot of sex scenes. Meh, I like it all :)

  2. Good point, Amber.

    I did sort of lump all audiobook erotic romance readers into one category. Which doesn't make sense when erotic romances vary so much.