Monday, October 18, 2010


Here's an example of criticism that doesn't involve a crowbar. Kudos to KinkyKolumn. This youtube video is wrongheaded, but entirely civilized.

The rambling, 7 minute vlog disses a popular kink site. According to KinkyKolumn, Collarme "offers nothing of substance". And what's more, Collarme "alerts everyone to your presence" the very second you sign on. Which is truly awful, apparently.

I don't understand why it's bad to let folks know you're online. Isn't that the point of a kink meet-up site? Meeting people? If you're looking for a partner, don't you want to alert folks to your presence? That might encourage them to read your full profile. Yanno, so you can find a happily ever after?

KinkyKolumn, if you don't want to be contacted by random strangers on Collarme because you're already collared, I have some suggestions. Don't advertise your true age (FYI: I'm 99). And don't post nude pics (FYI: I'm a pretty blue iris).

There is also the option of hiding your profile. That way you'll still be free to post on those forums without substance.

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