Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Musings

I haven't been enjoying reading contemporary erotic romances much. When I'm reading the genre I write, my inner editor gets activated. Rather than thrilling to the story, I'm making corrections and suggestions. Writer-me screws over reader-me. Sadly, writer-me doesn't even benefit from that inner editor. The editor disappears when I read my own stuff. I just don't have the distance and objectivity to critique my own writing--unless I let a manuscript sit for several months.

I have written an outline for another erotic romance BDSM story. It's a prequel to Management Skills, concerning the owners of the Bed and Bondage. I should have that finished and submitted sometime in early 2012.

This summer I've also been working on the final edits of a science fiction romance novel to be published by Carina. (It's not erotic BDSM, so I'll be using a pen name.) SF Romance is yet another genre I can't read without editing!

I'm looking forward to school starting again. You'd think once kids got older, summer vacation wouldn't be so disruptive. Not true for me. Though the kids are more independent, there are still those summer college visits and pulling out wisdom teeth.

I've been killing time by downloading and reading Kindle samples of self-published fiction (outside of erotic and SF romance). It's truly addictive! Amazon has made it easier to find popular self-published novels through the Kindle Indie bookstore.

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