Wednesday, December 17, 2014

You Know You Read Too Many Romances When… (A Top Ten List)

10. You're disappointed when the romance hero is only a millionaire.

9. Having sex on the back of a camel begins to seem plausible.

8. You respond to your man's amorous advances with, "Are you trying to bed me?"

7. You summarily dismiss any guy named Bob, Frank or Paul as a possible love interest.

6. You start thinking of real people as TSTL.

5. You expect 4+ orgasms every time you have sex with your own man.

4. Your passwords are all names of your favorite romance heroes.

3. You start saying "och" and you aren't even a Scot.

2. You know that a rake is more than a garden tool.

and most importantly,

1. You know at least 50 different synonyms for penis—including MWOP.

This list was compiled from amazon romance forum posts. Thank you, ladies!

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