Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Theaters Say No to Props

Theaters showing Fifty Shades have been asking moviegoers to leave their “props” (like ties!) at home. Cinemas fear such props might make other guests “uncomfortable”.

I’m thinking the movie might make some people uncomfortable!

The Valentine’s Day release for this film is pretty strange. I pity the poor guy who is forced to see Fifty Shades with his girl. The movie is going to confuse him. He’ll be asking her, "you really want someone to do that to you?"

My advice to him: Take it slow, dude. Don’t try full-on film dominance. Otherwise, you'll be like the guy who is inspired by the Youtube video of the idiot who rides his bike off a roof onto a trampoline.  Many woman are turned on by the fantasy BDSM of Fifty Shades, but part of the appeal is that the Dominant is a super-handsome billionaire. See if a dabble of BDSM will do ya, kay?

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